Welcome to SCAD aTVfest

"Will Jaime turn on Cersei?" "What happened to Barb?" "Whose boots are those?" "What's Dolores' next move?"

Fellow Game of Thrones, Stranger Things, The Walking Dead, and Westworld fans: I hear you! These popular shows tap SCAD talent and pique our collective curiosity. The episodic nature of television rewards our inquiry, sparks our imagination, and unites 30 of the university's undergraduate and graduate programs in the entertainment arts. It's easy to see why we have to watch just one more episode.

The entertainment arts are central to our economy, education, and culture. In Georgia, SCAD alumni contribute to the state's $7 billion film and television industry. Around the world, SCAD alumni illuminate festivals like Cannes, Sundance, and SXSW, and earn the industry's highest awards including Emmy®, Annie, Peabody, and Academy Awards®. Now that's ample cause for celebration.

Thank you for joining the university for our fifth episode of SCAD aTVfest.

Stay tuned,

Paula Wallace
SCAD president and founder